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♞Egomama - marina
♞Love Distance Long Affair - topi
♞Dummy Dummy - marina
♞Egomana (instrumental)
♞Love Distance Long Affair (instrumental)
♞ライトラグ[Raitoragu] (TeddyLoid Fireworks Remix) - marina
♞ ライトラグ [Raitoragu]  (TeddyLoid Space Fire Remix) - topi


Love Distance Long Affair MV/PV

Egomania is sung by marina
Love Distance Long Affair is sung by Topi.
Release Date: 12/7/2011 (EDIT)
------------------ <3
Deco*27, you are one hubby 8D. I swear the songs are beautiful. From the MV/PV there are xD 
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✯Mozaik Role
✯Happy Synthesizer
✯World's End Dancehall
✯ Hide N Seek
Have i ever told you, how much i hate kanji? LOL, i never learned how to translate it so I'm like "D8" the whole time. And LOL my friends who sometimes translate kanji for me is offline so the first track unfortunatetly, will not be translated until I can find somebody to translate the first track. I'm bothering Kumonon (this jap nico nico guy) and I think he kinda ignoring me c:. Though I figure out he was a Reborn fan. I LOVE YOU CHIKA. 

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I squealed at the cover. Can't help. Its my first time seeing amu as a human <3

O1. Silvia/Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: buzzG
O2. Cinderella Syndrome/Lyrics, Composition: Karasuyasabou/ Arrangement: V系うどん職人
O3. Marygold/ Lyrics, Composition: buzzG/ Arrangement: V系うどん職人
O4. nightbreak/ Lyrics: 砂守岳央(沙P)/ Composition: amu/ Arrangement: amu/ V系うどん職人
O5. まぼろしの王(Maboroshino ou)/Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Nem
O6. Away we goLyrics, Composition, Arrangement: halyosy
O7. ロスト・ナイチンゲイル(RosutoNaichingeiru)Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: 砂守岳央(沙P)
O8. step on/ Lyrics, Composition: amu Arrangement: amu/V系うどん職人/砂守岳央(沙P)

Release Date: January 18, 2012
Amazon: Click
Cost: 2100 YEN = $26.90 USD =  20.62 EUROS = 27.64 CAD
I root for this album ever since I saw it was going to come out on January. I'm really curious on amu own song xDD. step on and nighbreak. Away we go too? I love that song <3 Lalalala, time to stalk more!~

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 I haven't been using this journal since I'm still new at it but I'll get use to this journal in awhile! ANyway, this journal will be filled with nico nico album tracklist, random chats, and some pictures, and many more. I really don't know what to type in this LOL...

I came from livejournal. My livejournal is xsayounara.livejournal.com
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Ehhh... What do to in this entry.... Hahahaha Hi? Mwhahahah =w= fail evil laugh OTL
Keep on grooving? Mr. Music just started to play~ <3
Mi-chan <3
AMU <3
Wotamin =w=

My favorite song ^ -drools-



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